Released English version of Blender IKKINOMI

Table of Contents

Using astro’s i18n features

Regardless of the discussion about demand, the English version of this site has been published at the following link:

As of the time of writing, the version of astrojs is:

    "astro": "^4.0.2",

The i18n feature in this version of astrojs is simple, handling only the [lang] path under pages and content directory.

While the multi-language support is currently insufficient, the implementation relies on adding a locale item to the frontmatter of each .mdx file. This helps in rendering the English version of the header and footer.

I refrained from using tools like starlight to prioritize a setup that works with the basic astrojs, even if it results in some redundant code.

I’ve updated the recently published astro_blik_public in the same manner too.