Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Date of Establishment: January 26, 2017

Last Revised: January 26, 2017

Representative: Blender IkkiNomi Operator (Todoroki Motion)

Advertising on Our Site

Our site uses third-party advertising services (Google AdSense, Amazon Associates).

These ad providers may use information about users’ access to this site and other sites, excluding personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, to display ads for products and services based on users’ interests. This information is collected through ‘Cookies.‘

For more details on the process and how to prevent such information from being used by ad providers, especially regarding Google AdSense, please see here.

Access Analytics Tools Used on Our Site

Our site utilizes the access analytics tool “Google Analytics” provided by Google.

Google Analytics uses cookies for collecting traffic data.

The collected traffic data is anonymous and does not identify individuals.

You can refuse data collection by disabling cookies in your browser settings. For more details about this agreement, please see here.

Comments on Our Site

To counteract spam and trolling, our site records the IP addresses used when leaving comments.

This is a standard feature supported by blogs, and the recorded IP addresses are only used for handling spam and trolling.

The input of email addresses and URLs is optional.

All comments are reviewed and approved by the administrator before being posted.

In addition, comments containing the following content may not be approved and may be deleted at the discretion of the administrator:

・Content that defames or slanders specific individuals or entities.

・Content that includes extremely explicit material.

・Any other content that goes against public order and morals or is deemed unacceptable by the administrator.