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Tools You Haven’t Used Before

You may be unsure where to start, even if you are a beginner in 3DCG or a pro user of Maya or 3ds Max.

Let’s try using Blender, a hidden powerhouse in the world of 3DCG.

Well, “trying it out” might be just the beginning of the end. You might give up in three days.

So, I wrote this site thinking, “Isn’t there a way to become proficient in three days?”

Why not try using Blender, even if you think you might be deceived?

30 items only

The guide is divided into 30 modeling items.

If you progress by 10 items each day, you should be able to master the basics of modeling in three days.

As you start reading, you may realize that it’s not such a daunting amount of content, and some may even master it in a day.


First, let’s install Blender.

Download and install it from the following URL:


Try launching it.

The moment it launches.

No matter which software you start for the first time, you might feel like you’ve been thrown into space.

Everyone feels that way. It’s okay.

Mostly Becomes Usable with Shortcut Keys

It’s true. And the number of them is not that big.

Shortcut keys in the text are indicated in green bold, such as G.

Left mouse button click is Left Click,

right mouse button click is Right Click, as indicated.

Incredibly User-Friendly

This is something you won’t know until you master it.

But as you progress in reading, you’ll likely find points where you suddenly think, “I can use this!” Everyone will have their own moments.

What is “IKKINOMI"

"IKKINOMI” in the title refers to a old and bad practice in Japan where individuals quickly drink a beer mug in a few seconds to liven up the atmosphere during a drinking party. “IKKINOMI” is something that should never be done. Let’s keep it exclusive to this site.