Abnormally Slow Access to vercel.com on DELL XPS

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Abnormally Slow Access to vercel.com

While there are no speed issues with MacOS + Chrome, accessing vercel.com is unusually slow on Windows + Chrome. The speed is fine on another Note PC.

The cause, surprisingly, is not Chrome or Windows but a service provided by Killer, included in the Dell XPS I am using.

Link to more information (Japanese)

It turns out that when directly connecting Dell XPS to the router, the upload speed becomes extremely slow if these Killer services are running.

In other words, when not directly connected from the router but through a switching hub, this issue does not occur. You don’t need the following steps if you disconnect the XPS Ethernet cable from the router and reconnect it to the hub, as the problem will be resolved.

The solution is as mentioned in the link above, but here is a summary:

Uninstall Killer Intelligence Center.

Uninstall the application provided by Killer:

  • Killer Intelligence Center

Disable three Killer services

Disable the following three services. Note: Set them to “disable” rather than “stop” as they will resume after a restart.

  • Killer Network Service
  • Killer Analytics Service
  • Killer Dynamic Bandwidth Management

After performing these steps, restart your PC, and access to vercel.com should return to normal speed.

That’s it.