Add a rendering camera

Table of Contents

Add a camera and move/rotate it.

Select camera by Shift + A.

There won’t be any changes on the screen.

Please try navigating the working camera using the Middle Drag or the wheel. You should find a new camera below the car, as shown in the image below:

A new camera has been added at the current 3D cursor position, right? In fact, the 3D cursor serves as the reference point when adding objects. This applies not only to cameras but also to any objects or scenes.

Now, using the movement and rotation techniques you’ve learned, let’s position the camera to capture the right side of the car.

G, Z to bring it up,

R, Z to change its orientation,

G to move it to the left,

Navigate with the working camera,

G to move it a bit away from the car…

The adjustments are made in the sequence described above.

However, even if you switch to the new camera with 0, it won’t change the view to the new camera.

To view from the new camera, select it from the Scene tab (fifth tab from the top in the vertically elongated area on the right) under the Camera dropdown in the Properties panel.

Now, you can switch to the new camera (Camera.001) with 0.

However, it’s inconvenient not being able to move while viewing from the new camera.

Just like manipulating the working camera with a Middle Drag, you’ll want to control the rendering camera in the same way. The next steps will show you how.