Add / Delete Shifit + A / X

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Delete an object

When you launch Blender, a cube, a point light, and a camera are provided.

First, let’s delete the existing cube.

If the cube is not selected, click on it with the Left Click to select.

To delete an object, press the X.

If the cube is already selected (highlighted in orange), just press the X.

To generate a new object Shift + A

Since you’ve successfully deleted it, let’s now add a new cube.

To create a new shape, press the Shift + A.

You should see a menu like this.

If it doesn’t appear, move the mouse cursor to the 3D View area (the window where objects are displayed) and try executing it again.

Click on Mesh->Cube, and a cube will appear.

Adjusting the generated object

Even after selecting Mesh->Cube, you can immediately modify the size and other parameters by using the options available at the bottom left under Add Cube.