Edit Mesh (Bevel)

Table of Contents

Ring / Loop selection

Next, I’ll introduce the useful Bevel feature.

First, press Shift + A to create a cylinder.

After entering edit mode with Tab, switch to Edge mode by pressing 2 (not on the numeric keypad).

Next, deselect all by pressing Alt + A.

Now, from this state, how can we select the upper edges of the cylinder in one click, as shown in the image below:

Selecting them one by one while holding the Shift key is cumbersome. Instead of selecting them one by one, you can use Alt + Left click to select them all at once.

When you press the Alt key while selecting one edge, you can perform what is commonly known as a loop selection. In other words, if you press Alt + Ctrl + Left click, it will look like the image below. This is a ring selection.

Alt + (Ctrl) + Left Click can be used in Vertex, Edge, Face modes.

The direction of the loop or ring depends on the position of the lines or faces when selecting.

Please try it with various shapes.

Bevel Ctrl + B

Now, let’s talk about beveling. After selecting the 1-loop edge of the cylinder cap with Alt + Right click,

Press Ctrl + B.

This will apply the bevel.

When you move the mouse, the selected edge’s corners will be rounded.

You can also Left click to confirm here,

Here as well, you can use the mouse wheel to easily change the number of segments and adjust the rounding of the bevel.

Additionally, similar to Ctrl + R (subdivide), right after confirming the bevel, you can use the menu in the lower left to adjust various parameters.

Here, the Profile value is reduced to create a concave effect.