Mastering G, R, S Keys - Axis and Numeric Values

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You can now perform translation, rotation, and scaling using G, R, and S. In fact, you can specify the axis during the operation. For example,

G then Y

If you type these in sequence, it will constrain the movement to the Y-axis.

It’s not a simultaneous press. It’s G (release) then Y.

Got it. It’s G, X next, then G, Y, and finally G, Z, specifying the axis by entering X, Y, Z after G.

Great! So, in addition to G, R, and S, you can further refine your actions by specifying the axis and numerical values.

For example, R, X, 45 rotates around the X-axis by 45 degrees, and G, Y, 10 moves along the Y-axis by 10 units.

Similarly, S, X, 0.5 scales the object in the X-axis to half its size.

This provides precise control without relying on mouse movements.

It’s not simultaneous pressing. It’s R (release) then X (release) then 45.

Watch this video to see how these actions can be performed using only the keyboard, without moving the mouse cursor.