Edit Mesh (Inset)

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Inset Ctrl + I

let’s try I>. I is for face inset. Just like Ctrl + R, you can determine the degree by moving the mouse.

However, I can be less convenient depending on the position of the mouse cursor when pressed.

Pay attention to the length of the black dashed lines when I is pressed in the following video.

In the beginning of video, I press I near the center of the face. Even if I move the mouse, the new face does not appear easily. Next, I press I a bit away from the face. Lastly, I press I when far away from the face.

This applies to similar functions as well, but when determining the extent with mouse movement, it’s a good technique to move the mouse cursor slightly away from the local origin of the selected item before pressing the shortcut key.

G, R, S,


Ctrl + R,


Now you can create anything.

When doing detailed work and find that the mouse cursor moves too quickly, try holding down the Shift key. It will slow down the mouse movement.