Edit Mesh (Subdivide)

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Subdivision Ctrl + R

Next is Ctrl + R. This is for subdivision.

Ctrl + R can be executed in point, face, and line modes, but it only makes sense in face mode, so after switching to edit mode, switch to face mode.

The state immediately after Ctrl + R. Yellow lines appear.

Try clicking the left mouse button. Although it seems to have been determined…

You can move the split position further by moving the mouse. To confirm, click the left mouse button again.

If you want to confirm without changing the position and keep an equal split, please confirm with the Right click.

Please undo with Ctrl + Z for now. Press Ctrl + R again, and while the yellow lines are present, try scrolling the wheel.

You can easily change the number of divisions.

Additionally, you can use the numeric keypad to specify the number of divisions.

Entering 3 will result in three divisions.

You can adjust the parameters of the recent operation in the bottom-left window immediately after confirming with the left-click, similar to when you create a primitive with Shift + A.

We have now reached a state where considerable modeling is possible.

G, R, S,


Ctrl + R,

With this alone, it seems like we can create most shapes.