Edit Mesh (Edge Join)

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Edge Join Right Click Menu (Subdivide)

Here, we’ll introduce one of the features found in the Right Click menu in Edge mode.

Suppose you want to add a new edge connecting these two edges.

Switch to Edge mode with 2 and select these two edges.

Execute the topmost Subdivide.

This menu can also be accessed with Ctrl + E or W.

Upon execution, the two edges are connected, as shown in the diagram.

In vertex mode, you can see that the two vertices added are now vertices of the faces adjacent to them.

In other words, the upper and lower quadrilaterals of the two orange polygons have become pentagons.

This feature works with two or more selected edges.

Here, five edges were selected. The result is shown in the following image.

This feature can be considered as a local version of Ctrl + R.