Edit Mesh (Special Deletion Method: Dissolve)

Table of Contents

Special Deletion: Dissolve Edges, Dissolve Vertices

Let’s explore the Dissolve series, a set of special deletion functions, accessible through the X menu.

For instance, imagine you want to delete unnecessary edges around the body of a cylinder to reduce the polygon count.

Select the unwanted vertices using Alt + Left Click.

Now, if you choose Vertices from the X menu…

As shown above, this removes not only vertices but also edges and faces, which is not what we want.

Let’s undo with Ctrl + Z.

Now, deselect all with Alt + A and switch to edge mode with 2.

Select the edges around the cylinder using Alt + Left Click, ensuring a ring selection for both.

Now, choose Dissolve Edges from the X menu.

This function deletes edges while attempting to maintain the connectivity of polygons as much as possible, without breaking them apart. The same applies to vertices and faces.