Edit mode (vertex/edge/face) Tab, 1/2/3

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Element Selection Tab 1 2 3

Pressing Tab enters the point, line, and face editing mode.

Until now, we were in Object Mode.

Pressing the Tab key switches to Edit Mode, where you can edit the vertices, edges, and faces of the object.

All vertices are currently selected, and we are in the state of editing vertices.

Switching to the mode to edit lines or faces is done by pressing:

1, 2, 3

These are the number keys above the letters, not the numeric keypad.

The icon in the top-left corner also changes simultaneously. You can click here to switch in the same way.

The terms such as vertex, edge, face, etc., may vary in naming, but the imagery remains the same. By the way, the pronunciation is:

Vertex for vertex or point1
Edge for edge or line2
Face for face or surface3

Feel free to continue without dwelling too much on these details.

Selecting Elements Left Click, Shift + Left Click

Similar to object selection, in edit mode, the selection is done by Left Click.

First, let’s deselect everything by Alt + A.

And then, select the vertex by Left Click. It will turn orange.

Let’s select another vertex. Use Shift + Left Click.

Selecting with a rectangle B

Selecting one by one can be tedious.

Blender provides a common way to make multiple selections,

and that is the rectangular selection, done by B.

Pressing the B and dragging with the left mouse button allows you to select multiple vertices within a rectangular area. Once you release the drag, the selection is finalized.

Circular selection C

Circular selection is achieved by pressing the C.

Pressing the C key and dragging with the left mouse button allows you to progressively select vertices within the dashed circle.

Exit circular selection mode by Right Click.

The size of the circular selection during C mode can be adjusted by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Moving vertices using G

Now, let’s try moving the vertices.

Press the G, and the vertices become movable.

You only need to press it once, not continuously.

Move the mouse, and finalize the movement by Left Click.

I’m moving the vertices by selecting them with the C and then pressing (and quickly releasing) the G while moving the mouse (without clicking the button).