Three View 1, 3, 5, 7

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top, front, right(bottom, back, left)

Next is the three-view display.

To switch between the front, side, and top views, a keyboard with a numeric keypad is required.

The perspective on/off switch in the 3D view is the 5 on the numeric keypad. The image below shows the state with perspective.

Pressing the 5 on the numeric keypad removes the perspective, allowing you to view in orthographic projection, as shown below.

In this state, pressing the 7 will give you a top-down view as shown below.

Furthermore, pressing the 3 will give you a side view as shown below.

In summary,

First, to remove the perspective (switch to orthographic projection), press the 5.

Shortcut KeyShortcut Key
Top View7 Bottom ViewCtrl + 7
Front View1Back ViewCtrl + 1
Right View3Left ViewCtrl + 3

Other 4, 2, 6 rotate the camera by 30 degrees in the adjacent direction.

Download and unzip the original image data from the following link, and practice with these.

To return to the original perspective view, press the 5 again.